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Bullying hits the headlines again over the summer. Click here to read the Irish Times article. And here's a Podcast on the results of a recently published report on bullying in Irish schools by Dr Minton of TCD.

Our Reading show is proving very popular with schools and libraries and getting noticed in the press - click here to see an article - LoCall 1890 252382

Our Reading and Bullying Shows are now available as gaeilge. See further down this page for a video clip.



New religious show - The Good Shepherd

the good shepherd

Click on the image to listen - 10 minutes long.

This is a child-friendly bible story suitable for use across Christian denominations. It links in with the "Alive O" program and is also used during preparation for holy communion.


"We had Kidspartyclub in our school to perform the Bullying show. Everyone loved the show and the message came across very well. Thank you and well done. We`ll definatly be booking you again." Lorraine, Carrick On Shannon.



Puppets are great fun. Children love them and really engage with their stories. Who better then to assist you in getting sensitive or tricky messages across to young children than our wonderful band of characters at Kids Party Club Educational.

Roscommon Herald

Our Reading Show goes down a bomb with kids in Roscommon (picture from the Roscommon Herald March 09)


Following the Social, Personal & Health Education curriculum

“A wide variety of active learning strategies should be used in implementing SPHE. These strategies could include play, discussion and drama activities.” Department of Education & Science.

Every Kids Party Club Educational show contributes to the achievement of the aims of the SPHE curriculum.

For example, our shows on Healthy Eating and Bullying are right "on-message" and engage the children in these awkward topics in a fun and memorable way.

Our educational shows aim to enable children to develop a sense of personal responsibility for their own health and for the decisions and the choices they make in relation to their behaviour and actions. In keeping with SPHE aims, our shows contribute to the development of personal attributes and skills, such as learning how to manage feelings, how to resolve conflicts and how to cope with new and demanding situations.

“SPHE teaching recognises that the ways in which children live and behave in the early years of life will have a significant influence on their health and well-being in future years.” Department of Education & Science.



Mainstream Educational Topics

A greater interest, understanding and participation in mainstream topics such as maths and English can be fostered through puppetry. For example in a world where the humble book has to compete with Wi’s, PSP’s, DX’s and Xbox’s, a puppet story in which children rediscover how cool books are (all the batteries in the world run out so they pick up books again!) really can spark a child’s interest.

Booky Wooky the talking book

Bookey Wookey here is a talking book and a great favourite. He's the main character in our Reading show and he is very enthusiastic about all the wonderful stories inside him.

As gaeilge, Bookey Wookey becomes Larry Leabhar and the Reading show sounds absolutely fantastic, take a look! This is a 7 min preview. The actual show is approximately 35 minutes long.


"........The ‘Reading’ puppet show we had was excellent - very positive feedback from the teachers and SNAs." Fergal Hurley, Principal, Blarney Boys NS


Promoting Literacy - The Reading Show - "The Town With No Stories
(available As Gaeilge)

As an activity for children, good old fashioned reading has a lot of competition these days! The fight backbegins with this 35 min show!

In this town the Mayor is also the same man that owns the local battery factory. To ensure that all the boys and girls would ‘waste’ no time reading story books and use lots and lots of his batteries in their PSP’s and DX’s and music players and toys, years ago he ordered that all the story books were removed from the local library and he banned all story books from the shops and even from the schools. Most of the children in the town had never even seen a story book!

One day, on a visit to the library, local boy Jack discovers Booky Wooky (he talks!), hiding amongst the empty shelves. On his first meeting with Booky, Jack is not that interested in what he has to say but when all the batteries run out due to a problem at the battery factory, Jack returns with his friend Lauren to find Booky and after tracking him down, Booky introduces them to some of the exciting characters that live on his pages.

The Big Bad Wolf claims that he is a reformed character and is on his best behaviour! Pete the Pirate is all shiver me timbers and full of promises of buried treasure and adventure on the high seas. Princess Tamara is actually in the middle of marrying Prince Snottyface when we meet her but she is fairly sure that her true love, Prince Handsomechops will come to her rescue. Meanwhile, Winston the Wizard makes an appearance and just as well because he is needed to see off the evil Mayor, when he returns to banish Booky!

Our story unashamedly champions the cause of the story book and at one stage, when Winston the Wizard enlists the children’s help to see off the Mayor, he has the children chanting, “Leave Booky alone, we want to take him home”

Conflict Resolution - The Bullying Show (available As Gaeilge)

This 40 min show seeks to help children recognise and deal with bullying and bullies. We have performed this show in many schools all over the country and it is very well received. It is suitable for fourth class and younger. The children really get involved and there are many light hearted moments along the way. The problems of the bully and the bullied are resolved and the show ends on an upbeat and positive note.

Healthy Eating Show

A 35 min show in which we make, what can be quite a boring topic for children, fun and interesting with an array of great characters.

Little Charlie is constantly getting colds and generally feeling below par. He goes to see Dr. Moody who explains about healthy eating and living and tells him that a 'Food Expert' will be in school that day to give them a talk about healthy eating. Unfortunately, the 'expert' is the horrible Mushey McSplodger, the MD of Nearly Real Foods Ltd., who tells them all sorts of nonsense and tries to get the kids to eat his terrible food. However, the teacher, Ms Guerin-Hockedy, is having none of it and she gets her uncle Barty, the wizard, to come to the school and make McSplodger tell the truth. Then she brings Dr Moody and his friend Jeffe El Cheffe (the famous Spanish chef) in to explain to the children what they should really be doing. The show is great fun and yet clearly communicates all the key messages in a positive and memorable way.



One More Thing - Don't forget us for fun stuff and fundraisers too!

With your Parents Association, we can put on fundraisers and fun nights and end of term parties too.

"...On Behalf of all the children and parents of Tullamore Educate Together N.S
just wanted to say thank you for bringing to life the kids party club.

Our School Family Fun Night was a huge success last night and Antoinette was just absolutely fabulous with everyone involved. Our kids and also our parents will be talking about the night for quite some time. They are already asking when we can do it again!! Thank you Antoinette, you are a true star".
Helena Wyman, PTA, Tullamore Educate Together N.S



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